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Brief Introduction of STC

Star Technology College (STC) has been founded by Mr. Saeed Nawaz who is the director of STC Amberi Killa Karak having Pakistani Nationality and established its works in the year 2012 in the field of Safety Education, IT Education, and Technical & Skill Trainings. The logic behind the foundation of STC was taking an opportunity in building our beloved Country (Pakistan).

Star Technology College (STC) is registered with the Government of Pakistan –KP BTE (Board   of   Technical   Education)   Peshawar, KP TTB   (Technical   Testing   Board) Peshawar, Trade Testing Council Govt of Punjab, Iqra Education and Technical Council Govt of Punjab and MIIOSH.

Star Technology College (STC) of Sub Branch Star Beauty and Kashidakari School is registered with Government of Pakistan Technical Testing Board Peshawar (Beautician & Tailoring Courses) 

Star Technology College (STC) has successful and excellent performance record in previous  performed  experience  inside  Pakistan  as  a  private  in  field  of  Safety Education, IT Education, and Technical & Skill Trainings, Beautician, Tailoring, etc and has the capability to be successful and obtain excellent performance record in the upcoming projects.

Star Technology College (STC) is proud to announce that we have diversified the Developing  Education  Training  Expertise  in  a  wide  range  of  in  field  of  Safety Education, IT Education, and Technical & Skill Trainings.

Star Technology College (STC) has the capability and capacity to implement the projects of any size or volume of both Governmental or Private Projects with high quality performance according to the needs and wants of the Employers/Clients and achieving their satisfaction. As compared with the initial staff in 2012, Star Technology College (STC) has now recruited more than 6 professional Employee’s working Pakistan who has devoted themselves tirelessly in caring in order to achieve the goals and objectives of STC.

Star Technology College (STC) has the Equipments, Professional Export Employee’s and Teachers, Past Performed Experience and Capacity to Implement Projects of any Size or Volume under the proposed budged and planned contract duration period.

Objectives, Aims and Goals of STC:

The  main  objective aim and Goals  of  Star  Technology College  (STC)  is  to  provide  high quality  services  to  the  Employers/Clients  in  the  field  of  Safety  Education,  IT Education, and Technical & Skill Trainings  according to their Needs and Wants in order to achieve their satisfaction. Good leadership skill, fast learner, well organized, good analytical thinking, commitment, adaptable, discipline, initiative, good communication and interpersonal skill and good teamwork player. The objective of education is to build a proper and integrated understanding of Islam, to implant and propagate the creed of Islam. To inculcate in students the values teachings and ideals of Islam.

To support the students to acquire various knowledge’s and skills. To nurture constructive attitude and behavior. To develop the society in the domains of economy, culture and maintain societal development.  To qualify the individual as a beneficial member of his/her society.

Aims: This is a statement of a general outcome or change expected in a learner after being exposed to learning experience. “Aim” over allies a word that describe are the long Term, purpose which educating the learner is expected to serve. Aims are rather open ended statements of goals reachable but after a long time or in a distant future. It is a general but realizable statement of intention of the purpose of schooling, a purpose which is expected to continue even well after the leaner has left College. Definitely, the aims of education very form culture to another and the understand of the concept of education held by the curriculum planner. Aims there connote the general intentions of what the college is expected to achieve in the learner after a period of college. It is therefore an umbrella terminology for describing in general terms all of what purpose the school is supposed to serve in society with her values and needs being included in the statement. 

Objective: educational objectives are description of an outcome of action. It’s normally expressed in behavioral terms using action verbs. Objectives are therefore more specific than aims and are also more action oriented. This is to say that, while aims tend to describe a philosophy of education, objective specify what is intended as observable and measurable, action oriented statement of intuition of an educational programme.

Another way of saying this is that while aims of education are broad, general and none desired, objectives specify certain knowledge, skills, techniques or attitudes process.

Goals: educational goals refer to an end in sight, which is sometimes time bound. They are similar to objectives, especially general objectives of college. Goals may be interchangeably use with general objective.

In the national policy on education, educational goals are specified for each level of college from pre primary education and higher education level. That goals are time bound could therefore be seen clearly form what is stated as expected end result of college of technical education at each level of Pakistan education 

Mission & Vision of STC: 

The vision of Star Technology College (STC) is to become one of the top College in the country level and as well as international level in the field of Safety Education, IT Education, and Technical & Skill Trainings through providing high quality services, creating good relationship with the Employers / Clients and encouraging of suppliers to support us. Our Mission is to make you the best Safety professional, IT and Technical Field Etc. Star Technology College (STC) vision is to become one of the most trusted, competitive, reliable and the best training Service in Pakistan. Other managers at different levels may write statements for their particular divisions or business units. The development process requires managers to:Clearly identify the corporate culture, values, strategy and view of the future by interviewing employees, suppliers and customers. Address the commitment the firm has to its key stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and communities.  Ensure that the objectives are measurable, the approach is actionable and the vision is achievable. Communicate the message in clear, simple and precise language.

Develop buy-in and support throughout the organization. Guide management’s thinking on strategic issues, especially during times of significant change, Help define performance standards. Inspire employees to work more productively by providing focus and common goals, Guide employee decision making, Help establish a framework for ethical behavior.

Values of STC: 

Star Technology College (STC) has the ability to deliver results through high quality services and professional attitude, which are results driven whilst maintaining focus on customer services and client objectives. Values reflect ones personal attitude and judgments decision and choice, behavior and relationships, dream and vision they influence our thoughts, feeling and actions. Value based education is that which helps the learner to value own life, others lives, nature and the universe.Good colleges for example, teach brotherhood, respect and sensitivity for others and nature. Education helps in building character of future citizens of our society, Education teaches the moral values to students, Education helps the students to follow his curiosity and find answers to greatest laws of universe, Education helps in maintaining social, economic and mental well being, Education helps in increasing potential of children by enhancing their skills, the aim of education in the modern time should be to teach people a proper utilization of leisure so that they can add to the achievement of man in art architecture and literature, and thus develop their culture, The moral aim of education is the physical and intellectual development of the child, The only aim of education is ‘complete knowledge’ or ‘knowledge, more knowledge and yet more knowledge’, it is only because of education that we are living in peaceful society. It is only because of education that we have some answers to laws of universe and able to use our ancestors knowledge with modern technology. If there was no education. We will still be fighting for life on this planet and living in a cave. 

Who We Are?

We have most modern training facilities & operating in Pakistan. Star Technology College (STC)) is managed by highly qualified professionals & our faculty (Trainers) comprises with rich industry experience.

Star Technology College (STC)) is highly reputed & trusted training & Consultancy Service in the field of National & internationally Accredited Courses.

Expertise & Excellence: Our team is best in their field & work hard for you to deliver the best they can, with excellent quality services, Star Technology College (STC) has become synonym for Excellence.

Cost Effectiveness: Despite World Class Services, We are still Competitive & Deliver you at possible rates.

Customer First : At Star Technology College (STC), We Put Customer First, We Endeavor to deliver what is committed to Help your company Thrive & Be the Best in your Field.

International Presence & Exposure:  Star Technology College (STC) is currently operational in Pakistan & expanding, besides our highly competent team holds rich international experience required to deliver services at international standards.

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